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Always Limited

New, Unique Designs for your little Princess; limited edition manufacturing –You will have a rarest chance to have two little ones with similar looks. Fresh & exclusive designs to enhance your little one’s confidence and style as they grow. PrettyEx Team is bunch of enthusiast working very hard to provide a best in class fashion – with safe clothing to your loved ones.

Exceptional Quality

We believe, we all can make a difference, @ PrettyEx, we want the right choice to be as simple as the trust our little ones have on us; that’s why we partner with the best, ethical manufacturing partner, source the best (read it as ‘safe’) in class fabrics.

Exclusive, Trendy And

We live and Breathe Trends; Each Design is exclusive; as an outcome of detailed research for Fashion Trends across World – Fresh addition each Month (Yes you heard it right). We push ourselves hard to get the WOW factor in each design – Look for our Showstopper collections – We call it as a Head Turner Collections.

We call it as Motherly Touch – we are mad about detailing when it comes to comfort for our little ones, each dress needs to pass a multi-step quality checks to certify the comfort factor. Soft, cosy as Mother Lap (Oh Yes, we are emotional about it a s well) – Double Layer, stitched inside out; do reach out to us at [email protected] to know more – Always happy to help!! “Pure, intense emotions. It’s not about design. It’s about feelings.” — Alber Elbaz

Absolute Transparency

Never on Discounts

Yes, this isn’t a TYPO ☺; We don’t stock any of our products;– Each dress is produced in limited number (It will be Always limited Edition) to ensure we can pay special dedicated attention to each dress – We typically run out of stock with launch of a NEW design – Hence Cost is kept in mind to keep us operational and to meet our ultimate goal – Make your Princess “Pretty Exotic Me” .

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