Rabitat Squeezy Silicone Feeding Bottle (250ml Double Bottle, Blue)


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Product Details

The Rabitat Squeezy bottle is made from Food Grade Silicone, which is about the safest substance that can be used for a feeding bottle.

The Bottle is designed in a way that it mimics the natural form of feeding, which helps reduce bottle rejection.

The Squeezy bottle features two Anti Colic valves which helps keeping your baby Colic free.

The wide mouth and and four easy to clean parts mean that you do not need that bottle brush to make sure that the bottle is cleaned to the max.

The bottle is dishwasher and microwave friendly, and BPA, PVC and Phthalate free.


  • What is it made from?

The Rabitat Squeezy bottle is made from Food Grade Silicone and is BPA free.


  • What Sizes is it available in?

It is available in 150 and 250 ml.


  • How many colors are available?

Available in three attractive colors.


  • Can this Pack be customized/Can I choose nipples while ordering?

The bottle comes with medium flow nipples for 3-6 months, It is a default sterilized packaging and cannot be customised. However, we have a set of replacement nipples which is available for different stages.


  • Can this be used with Local Nipples?

We have a specifically designed nipple for this bottle and it won’t be compatible with the local nipples.


  • Is it Microwave/Dishwasher friendly?

Yes, It is safe to use in a microwave, boiling water, dishwashers.

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Maintain & Care

Dishwashers and sterilizers

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